The Sustainability of European Transportation through Intermodality

  • Sajjad Khaksari Serial Production Coordinatore (SPC) Engineer at ALSTOM (Savigliano, Italy)
Keywords: Sustainability, Intermodal Freight Transportation, Green Supply Chain


Regrettably, the current European transport is highly dependent on Crude Oil and Petroleum Products, and it has induced some tremendous Environmental Damages and dramatic fatal vehicle accidents as well. Also, the Oil Dependency has generated the dramatic financial crisis in European Union, Japan, Unite State, and industrialized countries while their GDP collapsed during the minimum rise of the Oil Price. Therefore, the following Research Proposal beams to intensify the importance of the advance studies concerning the logistics & transportation ecosystems, and it seriously attempts to represent the needs of research through innovative transportation modes such as Intermodal Freight/Passenger Transportation (Containerization), Cross-modalities, and Sustainability of the Maritime/Road/Rail/Air transportation.

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