Heuristic Solution Approaches for Due Diligence in Disaster Management


  • Ferhat Yuna Department of Industrial Engineering, Ataturk University
  • Burak Erkayman


Arc Routing, Heuristic Approach, Disaster Management, Due Diligence


The number of studies in the field of disasters is rising as a result of the rising number of disasters worldwide. Planning, carrying out, supervising, and coordinating disaster management operations are crucial. Special infrastructures are needed for emergencies such as search and rescue, humanitarian aid, evacuation operations, etc. Establishing due diligence as soon as a crisis strikes is one of the most crucial aspects of disaster management. In order to minimize the amount of victims, debris must be found quickly, especially during earthquakes. Due diligence becomes challenging when severe disasters like earthquakes disrupt facilities like the phone, internet, and electricity lines. Finding the locations of the wreckage is crucial to assisting with search and rescue operations. This study looks at an arc routing problem to assess the state of buildings in an earthquake-affected area. The goal is to locate the locations as soon as possible by at least once inspecting every path and road within the disaster area. Getting a quick fix for arc routing problem is more important for disaster management than getting the best outcomes. Two distinct heuristic approaches have been put forth in this regard, and the outcomes have been contrasted.




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