About us


The aim of International Journal of Applied Optimization Studies (IJAOS) is to publish original and high quality research that contributes Industrial Engineering and Management. IJAOS's main emphasis is on the quantitative improvement analysis of systems in the production and service scopes. IJAOS is open access, free of charge publication, and blind peer review


  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Routing Problems
  • Production Planning and Inventory Control
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Project Scheduling and Management
  • Manufacturing and Service Strategies
  • Work Design, Measurement, and Improvement
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Quality Control: Statistical Process Control, Measurement System Analysis, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, etc.
  • Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, and Materials Handling
  • Emergency Relief/Humanitarian Logistics
  • Operations and Information Management
  • Heuristic and Metaheuristic Algorithms
  • Neural Networks Application

To publish original empirical research and theoretical studies on optimization real problems, and relation studies.

IJAOS welcomes:

  • Research papers including novel mathematical models developed for real world applications.
  • Theoretical research papers with significant contributions in the field of operations research.
  •  Real case studies implementing most recent efficient solution methods and models.
  • Research papers introducing novel methodologies like novel applied heuristic/metaheuristic algorithms.
  •  Review papers that precisely survey the literature with the topics related to Industrial Engineering and Management.