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Transportation and routing models to design a sustainable supply chain


Message from the Editors

Nowadays, companies can prioritize shippers and carriers with standardized environmental, social and economic factors through in-depth transportation procurement solutions. Based on the competitive environment and challenges faced by shippers and carriers in the real-world, companies can potentially leverage that information to make transportation procurement decisions-adding “least environmental and social impacts” into priority considerations, along with “least cost” and “best service”. On the other hand, optimization techniques (e.g., mathematical modeling and heuristic/metaheuristic algorithms) can determine transportation routes to minimize the cost of inbound or outbound shipments, while considering realistic cost, environmental and social impacts with constraint structures. These decision-making processes are implemented to design or redesign transportation routes within a supply chain.

This Special Issue (SI) invites theoretical and empirical scientific contributions that propose methodologies in which a “Transportation or routing model” can improve the level of sustainability in real-world supply chains.

Themes relevant to this SI cover but are not limited to:

  • Transportation models,
  • Sustainable supply chain management (SCM),
  • Novel models for vehicle routing problems,
  • Circular economy and environmental-social sustainability,
  • Mathematical models to design sustainable supply chains,
  • Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding for sustainable supplier selection
  • Internet of things in transportation and logistics,
  • Single-objective and multi-objective metaheuristics,
  • Exact solution methods such as Benders decomposition and Lagrangian relaxation.


Important Dates

Manuscript submission: March 31, 2019

First review completed: May 31, 2019

Final Submission: July 31, 2019

Possible Publication: September, 2019



Prof. G.W. Weber

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